Self Cleaning Disk Filters

Automatic Self Cleaning Filters

Winnow™ Silverline Series – Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Self-Cleaning filters for use in irrigation and industrial applications. Winnow™ Silverline Series filters are suited to a variety of filtration and separation processes where water is the principle medium. With a wide range of screen element types and a market-leading range of cleaning technologies – including Brush, Vacuum, and Hydro-Jet – ensure that the best cleaning system is matched to the application. Full stainless steel construction ensures a long service life and the ability to withstand rigorous process applications. Simple, robust electro-mechanical controls and electronic controller ensure excellent reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Syngineering Water Self Cleaning Disk Filters

Irrigation Filters

Winnow™ Screen filters are manufactured from stainless steel and high strength polypropylene – with enhanced UV protection and high resistance to chemicals. Winnow™ Screen filters are ideal for removal of particles, grit and other suspended solids in a large range of agricultural and industrial applications. Winnow™ Screen filters are available in a wide range of filtration – ranging from 80 to 400 microns.

Syngineering Water Irrigation Disk Filters

Irrigation Disc Filters

Winnow™ Disc filters are manufactured from high strength polypropylene – with enhanced UV protection and high resistance to chemicals. Winnow™ Disc filters are made up of numerous thin plastic discs that are stacked onto a telescopic core. Both sides of the discs have grooves that cross each other when piled up and tightened together. Winnow™ Disc filter elements provide greater depth filtration than screen filters – with a high capacity to retain organic and inorganic matter. Winnow™ Disc filters are easy to wash down (having a non-pores surface) and are available in 100 and 125 micron filtration.

Syngineering Water Winnow Hydraline Filters

Winnow Silverline Disk Filter Series





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