Meat Processing

Abattoir and Rendering Wastewater

The meat processing industry is principally in the business of selling protein in its various forms.  Whether that be prime cuts for human consumption through to meat and bone meal from rendered by-products for animal feed.

Inevitably some of this protein will end up locked up in water and lost when it becomes impractical to separate.

Not only does this water contain valuable protein but now due to the protein’s presence it will have elevated levels of organics and nutrients, usually requiring further costly treatment prior to disposal.

Syngineering have successfully used membrane technology to separate protein from stickwater.  The concentrated protein can then be reintroduced to other protein solids to boost the meat and bone meal yield and the by-product, warm clean water, will be largely free of organics and nutrients and can either be recycled back into the process, further polished and reused in boilers or discharged, now with approximately 5% of the original COD load.

Possible applications include:

  • Low temperature and high temperature rendering stickwater
  • Blood line wastewater
  • Separator sludge


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