VSEP – Brine Squeezing and Brine Cystalising

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VSEP – Brine Squeezing and Brine Cystalising

Category : Water Treatment

VSEP or Vertical Separation Enhanced Process is an extremely simply and effective proven method of brine squeezing.  With over 400 installations world wide, the VSEP systems are a simple but very effective brine squeezing system.

Multiple stack VSEP units suitablle for dewatering the RO concentrate stream

Multiple stack VSEP units suitable for dewatering the RO concentrate stream

While VSEP is not completely immune to silica scale, silica takes much longer to attach to the membrane, and when it finally does, the deposition pattern on the oscillating membrane is not uniform.  Because of this, standard VSEP membrane
cleanings are highly effective in removing the silica deposits. Standing in contrast is VSEP, which is limited only by osmotic pressure. In fact, New Logic Research has installed VSEP systems to further concentrate brine generated by both HERO and
EDR systems at full scale. It is VSEP’s ability to act as a brine concentrator and multivalent salt crystallizer that has made it the leading choice for non-thermal brine minimization around the world.

For more details, Syngineering Water – Using VSEP as a Brine Squeezer


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