Hampton Downs Treatment Process Design

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Hampton Downs Treatment Process Design

Category : Process Engineering

Syngineering have completed the process engineering design for the proposed landfill leachate treatment facility at Hampton Downs.

At a conceptual level, the system utilises VSEP followed by four stages of spiral RO, illustrated in this Process Flow Diagram.

After gaining approval for the concept, the detailed design was undertaken. This involved not only the process engineering, but drawing on Syngineering’s multi-disciplinary engineering capability to design the entire balance of plant, from the building to house the equipment though to the power supply to run it.

Waste water treatment plant design for

Waste water treatment plant design for Hampton Downs

Syngineering’s Design and Construct team have used our experience in advanced 3D modelling to capture every detail.  The ability to visualise the design in such detail also provides reassurance to the client that nothing has been missed.  Modeling the plant in 3D also assists us in providing a very competitive price to deliver the project, with confidence that there will be no costly surprises leading to price variations during the construction.

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