Screw Press Seperators

SCREENPAK Screw Press Seperators

The ScreenPAK-SPS provides a robust, reliable and highly efficient solution for the treatment of highly
contaminated liquid wastewater streams from agricultural processing and animal handling centres. The
ScreenPAK-SPS is designed for the separation of bulky solids from liquid slurries providing easy disposal of solid
material and reduced treatment requirements of liquids. Manufactured from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel, the rugged ScreenPAK-SPS is designed for years of continuous operation with minimal service requirements.

Screw Press Drive and Coupling

Screw Press Drive and Coupling


Agricultural waste slurry containing a high level of solids feeds into the ScreenPAK-SPS, past a rotating auger chopping system which breaks up large clumps of solid matter.

Slurry enters the drum screen where solid matter is separated from the liquid which passes through the fine slotted screen openings. The solid particles are gradually concentrated into a dry filter cake by the action of the cast iron rotating feed auger which continually compresses and dewaters the cake. The dewatered filter cake is forced against the weighted gate opening at the end of the screen. At a preset pressure, the gate is forced open, allowing the dewatered filter cake to be discharged into a waste bin for easy disposal.

The compression or dryness of the filter cake can be simply regulated by the adjustable weight position.


  • Stockyards
  • Dairy milking yards
  • Cattle transport wash down
  • Abattoirs
  • Vegetable process plants
  • Brickworks
  • Concrete processing plants
  • Drilling


  • Rugged cast iron feed auger
  • Heavy duty fine mesh drum screen
  • 4 or 5.5 kW electric motor with oil bath reduction gearbox
  • Adjustable solids content weight position device
  • Electric controls with overload protection
  • Choice of screen opening to suit application
  • Elevating structures available
Screw Press Drive and Coupling

Screw Press Drive and Coupling


The ScreenPAK-SPS capacity is dependent on solids loading and density of the slurry being treated. Throughput is typically between 20 m³ and 60 m³ per hour.

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