MX Series

SCM Technologies offers a wide range of mixers ideally suited for wastewater treatment applications. Built for reliability and performance the SCM mixers feature over-sized motor bearings, double shafts seal and an efficient self-cleaning impeller design. Various mounting systems are available.

Syngineering Water - MX Mixer

Syngineering Water – MX Mixer

SM Series

The SM Mixer features full stainless steel construction for a long service life. The newly developed high efficiency thrust system generates a strong jet flow with low power consumption thanks to the unique propeller and shroud design. Wear resistance of the propeller is enhanced by a special hardening treatment.

Syngineering Water - SM Mixer

Syngineering Water – SM Mixer

Solar Mixer

The ORB SOLAR Mixer is a stand-alone solar-powered mixing system which harvests energy from the sun and stores it in a highly efficient, on-board sealed battery unit. The combined capacity of the photovoltaic panels and battery allows for 24/7 operation without the need for mains grid supply. The ORB SOLAR Mixer is mounted on a low-profile, stable, 4-float platform.

Syngineering Water - Solar Powered Mixers

Syngineering Water – Solar Powered Mixers

PDM Series

The PDM Series overhead mixers are an affordable quality mixing solution with high performances and low energy consumption. The engineered curved propeller have been optimised to keep friction loss to a minimum.  Standard mixers are suitable for application from 100L up to 1,500m³ basins.

Syngineering Water - Overhead Mixer

Syngineering Water – Overhead Mixer

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