Dewatering Systems

FP Series – Filter Press

The fully automatic FP series filter press offers maximum dewatering and dry solids production. The filter press units feature a large filtration area within a compact foot print. They are available as a skidded package or even installed within a container. Filtration surface area’s range from 1.4 – 310m².

Draco Filter Press

Draco Filter Press

ISP Series – Inclined Sludge Press

Our ISP series dewatering machines offer excellent sludge dryness and power consumption over other conventional dewatering systems. The inclined sludge press technology has significant advantages including low energy consumption, low wear and maintenance and high efficiency. The ISP units will handle inflow rates up to 8.0m³/hr.


  • Electrical control panel
  • Sludge conditioner tank (TAF)
  • Polyelectrolyte dosing hopper (TDC)
  • Lifting structure
  • Washing system
  • Hydraulic ram protection
  • Conveyor belt
  • Cake collection support
  • Maniflow available in stainless steel, polypropylene and special designs.

Filter Fabrics Types

  • Standard fabrics
  • Non-drip fabrics
  • Fabrics for sealed plates
  • Special fabrics for aggregate treatment
  • Fabrics for other specific treatments

Syngineering Water – Draco Dewatering Presses

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