SSI Aeration

Aeration Products Available Through Syngineering:

  • Diffused Aerators
  • Diffuser Grid Systems
  • Ejector (Jet) Aerators
  • High Speed Aerators
  • Low Speed Aerators
  • Submersible Self Aspirating Aerators
  • Spiral Aerators

Check out our catalogue of various aerating products:

Diffused Aeration Product Data Sheet

Diffuser aeration system installed in the base of a tank

Low Speed Aeration

High speed surface aerators

Klipjet Dairy Effluent aeration

KlipJet will:

  • Stir up the sludge
  • Break up the crust
  • Introduce oxygen
  • Reduce Odour
  • Improve fertiliser quality speeding up pasture growth

KlipJet can be installed in a matter of hours. With no mechanical parts in the tank, there are less breakdowns and maintenance than traditional stirrers.The New Zealand made and patented aerator stirrer system has been independently tested and shown to introduce oxygen at a higher level than traditional stirrers therefore reducing odour and creating a homogeneous slurry for irrigation.


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