Panel Tank Specifications

Panel Tank Specifications

The Kliptank patented above ground tanks are the perfect engineered solution for the storage of products including Effluent, Water, Wine, Molasses in both covered and uncovered tanks.

Standard sizes

67m³ to 1,100m³ covered tanks
67m³ to 3,000m³ uncovered covered tanks


HDPE Vertical Panel sheet walls
HDPE Vertical Extrusion joiners
HDPE bottom panels for tank base ring and prevent rodent damage to liner
Galvanised Wire Rope fastened with stainless steel swages and brass trunbuckles
1.0mm FPP Potable liner as standard.  Other liners available on request
Aluminium top & bottom ring to ensure seismic ratings are met
Aluminium Roof Trusses
PVC Aqualon Ripstock UV inhibited roof cover designed to be vermin & insect proof
2 x 100mm Hansen Inlet/Outlet fittings supplied and fitted at installation
Engineers Producer Statement (PS1) supplied for each tank


We offer a 15 Year Warranty on our Kliptank tank range and 20 years on a 1mm liner.

Site Prep

Minimal site prep is required as the Kliptank will happily sit on a prepared level surface with a sand base.  Site preparation is the responsibility of the land owner and they can either do this themselves, or get a contractor to undertake this for them.

Specialist projects

Working with our engineers, we can adapt the Kliptank design to just about any size or height.  Let us know your requirements.

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