Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR)

Wastewater Treatment using SBR

Sequential Batch Reactors employ the same biological process used in conventional activated sludge systems, with the distinction that the separate phases occur sequentially through time instead of space (i.e. in different tanks/basins). While it is possible for an SBR system to be contained within a single tank it is common for systems to be configured with multiple tanks.  The key distinction is that it is a batched processes, with each batch moving through a sequence of processes.

Containerised SBR Systems

Syngineering offer a plug and play containerised system ready for deployment and ideal for remote applications.

Filtrate Quality

Wastewater with a BOD of 300 mg/L could be expected to drop to under 10 mg/L.  SBR is also effective at lowering nutrient levels.  Total Nitrogen of less than 20 is achievable for influent with a TKN of 80 mg/L.

Strengths of SBR

One of the strengths of SBR is since it is a fill and draw process it is well suited to situations where there are inconsistent flow rates and the influent varies.  Through the use of probes each batch can be monitored and automatically adjusted in real time.  This makes it ideal for remote installations where minimal operator involvement is desired.

Capacity of an SBR

Our SBRs are capable of processing between 50kL and 500kL a day.

Modular for Versatility and Scalability

The SBR system is well suited to be scaled up by adding tanks. The batch nature of the process means multiple SBR systems will actually assist in smoothing out the performance of the system.


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