All industries that produce wastewater are required to have processes in place that remove contaminants that are considered pollutants to the environment. Each industry produces different by-products and the systems in place are specific for the purpose of removing those particular compounds.

Syngineering Water offers a selection of packaged waste water treatment systems and,  individual products to help with improving your wastewater processing. Some of the industries where Syngineering Water has proven success offering its services include:

Landfill Leachate

For operators of modern engineered landfills the disposal of leachate is an ongoing problem. It is both a substantial cost and an operational risk if there are no effective leachate disposal strategies in place. Storing leachate in ponds may offer a temporary solution but all too frequent severe weather events will often lead to ponds being filled to their capacity. In some cases leachate will need to be tankered offsite. This will results in considerable transport costs in addition to fees payable to the receiving facility.

If you’re fortunate to have your landfill located close to a sewer then the local utility company may accept leachate as trade waste. However depending on the age of the landfill and the nature of the waste being received there may be limits imposed on what can be discharged into the sewer. These can often be difficult to consistently achieve when you are dealing with leachate, and regardless of whether there are limits on what the utility company will accept, there will be charges imposed and these will typically involve a charge based on volume and a separate charge that based on the type and amount/mass of contaminant present in the leachate. Discharging to a third party comes with the operational risk that the receiving party will tighten their limits or potentially even refuse to accept leachate if their infrastructure reaches its capacity.

Treating the leachate onsite can be an very cost effective alternative. It can be particularly attractive if the landfill has fresh water needs for activities such as dust suppression or irrigation of capped cells.


Meat Processing


Abattoirs use significantly large amounts of water during their processing. Manure, Blood and other bi-products contribute to the wastewater, which is produced not only inside the slaughterhouse, but also in the stockyards. Wastewater leaves, via sewers, rivers or reused in irrigation and needs to meet certain requirements before leaving.


Poultry Processing Plants

Poultry plants are high water users, somewhere between 20L to 40L per 2kg chicken. Turkeys require even more water for processing due to them weighing much more than a chicken. The water is contains fats, oils, proteins and carbs in the meat, skin and feathers. Poultry plants are mostly tested for B.O.D. that degrades the organic matter.

Food and Beverage


Fruit processing plants that make juices contain high concentrations of sugars and bacteria from the fermentation process. This is especially not good for sewage pipe networks. Reducing the nutrient load created in the biological treatment stage is vital for being able to discharge wastewater.



Dairy process plants produce roughly 2.5 litres of wastewater for every litre of milk processed. The worst bi product from a dairy production line is the whey protein in the milk. It increases BOD levels drastically and causes problems when trying to discharge the wastewater. The whey can also be reused for stockfeed or as protein powder if extracted.



Wastewater from extractive operations need to be treated to prevent the leaching of heavy metals. Wastewater from mines usually have low pH levels, which require the addition of other compounds to raise the pH to allow dissolved metals to precipitate and settle which then can be removed. The clean water is recycled and the sludge is disposed.


Coal Seam Gas

Industrial Wastewater


These are just some of the industries where our technologies are being used to solve wastewater problems. If your industry is not listed but you have a wastewater application you would like to bounce off us then you can reach us by visiting our contact page. If you would just like to peruse our product range, then take a look at our complete packaged systems or our general products range.

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