VSEP – Treating Whey

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VSEP – Treating Whey

Category : Water Treatment

Dairy products are enjoyed all over the world and are a diet staple for many people. With the growing demand for dairy products such as Greek yogurt, the handling of the increase in waste byproducts is a growing concern. Whey is a byproduct that cannot be discharged to surface water or land applied due to the COD and BOD that are an environmental hazard to agriculture and aquatic wildlife. Normal dairy production plant wastewater is in the range of 2000 to 3000mg/L BOD which is 10 times the strength of domestic sewage [1]. The amount of whey produced from the original product can be 90% [2] for cheese and up to 75% for Greek yogurt. The current uses for whey are limited and alternative treatments are necessary.

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