Syngineering Water – More than just design

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Syngineering Water – More than just design

Category : Water Treatment

Syngineering is an experienced and trusted engineering and systems designer providing cost effective, high performance, custom water and waste treatment solutions to government, industrial, and private organisations since 2008.  Syngineering Water is part of the Syngineering Group and was created to establish a team of engineers focused solely on solving challenging water problems. At Syngineering, we draw on years’ of experience in the design, testing and manufacture of water and wastewater treatment systems that are utilised in over 45 countries. For more information on Syngineering Water click here Syngineering Water Experience Syngineering provides effective solutions using high quality equipment for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We recognise the imperative requirement in the industry for reliable equipment correctly matched for the application. Our products have been designed for and installed in the following applications: Sewerage Mining Coal Seam Gas Food & Beverage Industries Meat Processing Dairy Landfill Leachate Industrial Wastewater What we do We provide effective wastewater treatment solutions, applying our engineering knowledge and experience to fully design, construct and operate fully functional water treatment systems. Treatment of water and wastewater is an ongoing challenge for communities worldwide. As environmental regulations increase, cost-effective and high-performing treatment solutions become integral.

For a detailed capability statement Syngineering Water Capability Statement


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