Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

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Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Category : Water Treatment

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers have changed the game in terms of what is possible with an evaporator.  These Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers from Syngineering have been used in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Dairy: Cheese, yoghurt, cream, whey concentrate, ice cream, condensed milk
  • Fruits: Juice concentrate, fruit purée, diced fruit
  • Vegetables: Fried vegetables, tomato concentrate
  • Convenience Food: Eggs, mashed potato, ketchup, mayonnaise, baby food, spreads, fats, oils
  • Proteins: Visceras, meat slurry, MDM, meat stuffing, minced meat, pet food
  • Confectionary: Chocolate, pie filling, paste, marmalade, syrup, gelatine, starch, butter
  • Beverages: Coffee extract, juice freezing, yeast-malt extracts
  • Cosmetics: Lotion, cream, gel
  • Environmental Waste: Waste concentration, manure, food plant effluent, chemical waste, solvent recovery
  • Biofuels: Oil extraction for biodiesel, biomass pre-treatment, thermal hydrolysis, fermentation digestate concentration

For more information download the Evaporator Product Information

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