Niagara Bottling Finalises Agreement for VSEP Brine Treatment

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Niagara Bottling Finalises Agreement for VSEP Brine Treatment

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In a recent press release from PR Newswire, New Logic Research have announced the finalisation of an agreement with Niagara Bottling for the supply of VSEP systems as part of a brine minimisation program.  The addition of the VSEP systems will eneable Niagara to further increase water efficiency to greater than 99% plant wide.


VSEP Brine Minimisation systems

VSEP’s patented vibratory shear mechanism coupled with an innovative filter pack design keeps its membranes remain free of obstruction, ensuring trouble-free operation even in the face of difficult feed waters like reverse osmosis (RO) brine.

“We pick up where traditional RO systems leave off, filtering and concentrating the brine past the point where dissolved solids actually drop out of solution—an unthinkable proposition in other membrane systems. It’s this unique ability driving New Logic’s rapid growth in the field—increasing water yield through RO brine minimization,” said New Logic CEO Greg Johnson. “We’re proud to partner with Niagara —a fellow California company dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products for its customers.”

“VSEP is essentially a zero-wastewater purification system that will allow us to bottle 99%+ of the water we draw.  Increasing yield makes sense from both a business and sustainability perspective,” said Niagara CEO Andy Peykoff II. “This system will make our new facility the most water-efficient purified water bottling plant in the U.S.  We’re excited to get the system up and running.”

In recent years, New Logic has successfully commissioned many systems for RO brine minimization at bottling plants and a host of other industrial and municipal facilities around the world. Drivers for this growth include municipal infrastructure limitations, sustainability mandates, water scarcity, and increased regulatory scrutiny of brine discharge.

For more information on the VSEP brine minimisation and Brine concentration, contact Syngineering Water.

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