MCP or Mechanical Cleaning Process

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MCP or Mechanical Cleaning Process

Category : Water Treatment

MCP from Microdyn-Nadir and available with all Syngineering MBR systems has been used for several years now but is worth considering when designing an MBR system as MCP reduces operating costs by providing a far more effective submerged membrane clean when compared to air scouring alone.

The MCP granulate is added directly into the activated sludge. The airflow induced during the membrane scour/clean draws the MCP granulate up between the membrane sheets. As the MCP granulate rises, the membrane area is continuously cleaned through the direct contact of the granulate with the sludge on the membrane surface.

The fouling layer formed during the filtration 
process can be removed reliably without compromising the functionality of the membrane. In the downstream area outside the membrane modules, the current cause the granulate to move back to the base of
 the module where it enters again into the upstream flow. The MCP granulate has been designed for permanent use. It is retained in the filtration tank by 
a simple screen/strainer.

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